Ways to Make Your Home Industrial-Looking

Living room interior design

The character of each home heavily depends on its design. Design is what gives it life and function. What’s good about design is that there will always be choices. And if you want to stay updated and at the same time use an enduring design, you might as well want to consider implementing industrial style.

The industrial style is characterized by its unfinished interiors, bareness, and cues from warehouses and manufacturing facilities. This is the aesthetics that combines the inherent charm of the building and your contemporary vision. Here are some pointers you may want to consider when planning your design.

Mind the walls and the ceilings

The bare walls and ceilings of your home can easily make it obvious that you are using industrial design. But make sure that they do not look slovenly. Just like the way you polish your bare walls, you need to make sure that everything about your walls and ceilings is good-looking. Bundle the wires and cover them for your protection. Add some bricks to the wall for details and caulk all the gaps.

Be detail-oriented

The “industrialness” of your home can also be visible on what you are putting in your space. For one, you can mix wood and metal. For a rustic appeal, you can use furnishings with straight lines and minimal details. For an avant-garde look, you can use for fixtures with odd shapes and forms. Consider all these when buying a door and windows from a provider.

Start repurposing

Industrial style is also about breathing life to things you will not consider as functional. This is where you can repurpose old things. For one, you can use old wood from your old home as floorboards and cornice. The twisted metals from your old car can be turned into an art installation. The possibilities are endless.

These are only some of the ideas you can do to have an industrial home design. It is recommended that you finalize your plans with an interior designer.