What Flavored and Sparkling Water Can Do to Your Teeth

Girl Sipping Soda

Flavored and sparkling water taste better than ordinary water. The sparkling variety may seem healthier than the flavored kind, and it’s fancier. But are you sure that its benefits are just the same as regular water?

Sparkling water isn’t the same as regular water. It’s more flavorful than water, but dentists argue that it still has effects on dental health.

No Calories, No Added Sugars, No Consequences?

Sparkling water is acidic. Once you ingest it, your mouth turns the fizz into carbonic acid, and this can stick to your teeth and erode the enamel that provides dental protection. This can lead to cavity-causing bacteria entering your gums. You could add to the acidic content when you throw in lemon or lime in your sparkling water; it can add flavor to your drink, but it will raise the acid levels of the beverage.

Dentists from Glenlake Dental Care share, “Another group of food that causes significant damage to teeth structure is acidic food.” They add that with prolonged contact “serious irreversible damage (erosion) may occur.”

Have you ever experienced acid reflux after a big meal? Well, the same can happen to you if you regularly drink sparkling water. While this saves you from the artificial flavoring and coloring in soda, it doesn’t save you from the effects of ingesting fizzy beverages.

Is It OK to Drink Sparkling Water?

Well, it’s better than consuming soda, as long as it’s in moderation. Or else, the carbonated water will eat away at your teeth’s enamel. Enamel erosion can manifest in various ways, including tooth discoloration and sensitivity.

If you enjoy flavored or sparkling water, then it’s high time that you reduce consumption. Try to dilute the fizzy drink with regular water, or gargle after you drink to lessen its chances of latching on to your teeth. Regularly consumption can leave you susceptible to enamel erosion, which could lead to a multitude of dental problems. So make sure that you practice good oral health and visit your dentist regularly.