What to Expect In a Gospel Based Drug Rehab Program

a man chained to a bottle and glass of whisky

Alcohol and drug addiction is difficult to deal with for anybody. It requires determination and courage to start the journey towards a sober and healthy future. Sadly, many individuals relapse after addiction treatment. Integrating faith into your recovery program is one way to help you avoid relapsing. If you or a loved one is looking for a supportive and intensive drug rehab program in Sandy, consider a gospel-centered program.

Here’s what to expect:

Screening and Assessment

Preliminary testing and evaluation are performed by the rehab staff. The team includes psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses and social workers. Preliminary screenings allow them to make an accurate diagnosis and any underlying medical conditions. They would also try to determine what triggered your addiction and what would be the best way to overcome it.

Medical Detoxification

Drug and alcohol dependent individuals must undergo medical detoxification. Detoxification is when doctors purge the patient of any harmful substances within their system. Doctors and nurses are on standby during this process to remedy any withdrawal symptoms that pop up.

Addiction Recovery

The rehab facility offers physical recovery through exercise and psychological recovery using highly trained Christian counselors using individualized treatment plans. They also develop life and social skills to help the patient reconnect with their loved ones. A key pillar of gospel based rehab is providing clients with spiritual recovery in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Using religion as part of recovery gives the patient access to a huge, welcoming support network that they can call on at anytime.

After The Program

Upon successfully completing the recovery program, patients can now be an active member of the religious community. Doing so allows the patient to surround themselves with a healthy, welcoming community. This makes it much less likely that they’ll relapse back into drug addiction but if they do, the community would still be there to offer help and support.

If you feel like you’ve lost control of your life due to your addiction, a gospel-based program may be what you need. Not only will it help you prevent relapses, but it can also help make your life be more meaningful.