Who Says Only Lawyers Can Take On Pro Bono Cases? Paralegals Can Make a Difference Too

a paralegal typing on her laptop

A way to measure success is to be able to find a career that helps communities in the long run — and paralegals offer this opportunity. This is mostly because their role in the legal field happens to meet local communities. It is the future direction of the law and individual lives. For those learning in paralegal schools, here are some of the ways you can serve communities as both an employed activist and volunteer in the future.

Pro Bono Work

By doing Pro Bono work, you will be able to serve local communities through endless means. Besides, it is also a valuable profession opportunity. Adam Friedl of Pro Bono Net reveals that demand in Pro Bono work has increased. This was during the 2014 annual conference webinar of NAFPA. He says this chance offers valuable growth for paralegals in professional development.

Moreover, the NAFPA introduced a rule in their Code of Ethics and Responsibility that paralegals must aim to give 24 hours of their time to community service work yearly.

Paralegal Community Advocates

Paralegals play a crucial part in developing community enterprises. This is through their work in encouraging advocacy ventures. Some systematic justice organizations and nonprofit law firms represent workers earning low wages and women abused in the office. They will hire nonprofit paralegals to help lawyers with investigations and discoveries as well as develop outreach programs. These paralegals will also be responsible for interacting with communities to form relationships with immigrant and disadvantaged populations.

The work they commit to is generally at the forefront of advocacy. It is a significant aspect of legal social justice efforts.

A career as a paralegal is satisfying because it will offer you numerous chances to provide your professional services to causes close to you. This is a fulfilling way you can make a lasting impression on your community while building your career at the same time.