Why Your Dog Keeps Straying

Dog playing on the lawn

Homeowners are usually inclined to spend hours figuring out the right dog for a pet. Dogs are, after all, loving companions to humankind. It is important, however, to get a breed that best fits your lifestyle and your space, just as it is vital to understand a dog’s innate characteristics. Generally, for instance, our canine companions have an instinct to chase anything that moves, just for the sheer fun of it. Birds, cats or a plastic paper bag being blown by the wind represent a game of chase to all fun-loving pet dogs. And, if you don’t have a fence to halt the dog, the chase will continue into the next yard – or into the street, which may be unsafe for your beloved pooch.

To ensure you keep your pet safe and prevent issues of trespassing, you need to take necessary precautions. Here are some handy ways to keep your pet within safe and acceptable boundaries, always.

Start by identifying why your dog keeps straying

Dogs stray for various reasons. To keep your dog from wandering off, you first need first to identify the reasons for the roaming. Some common factors include:

  • Roaming for a mate
  • Separation anxiety and isolation
  • Easy access to freedom
  • Following a tasty scent
  • Boredom
  • Predatory drive…and the list goes on

Keep your pet interested

Boredom is one of the main reasons for your pet dog to escape. Getting him/her some new toys in the backyard is one way of keeping your pet engaged. Teaching him/her new tricks often and going for long walks might also work.

Neuter and spay

When you neuter your male pet dogs, you reduce the chances of them escaping in search of a mate. Same case, when your female is spayed, your house won’t be a magnet for stray male dogs in your area. Neutering and spaying your dog helps him or her live longer, healthier lives, as well.

Install Good Fencing

Almost all pet dogs enjoy being outdoors, as often as possible. Diligent should provide the safest environment for their pets to be happy. Installing metal fencing panels, for instance, is a great way to keep your property secure while increasing its curb appeal.

By complying with these above tips, you can carry on with your daily routine while your dog romps safely – and happily – in your yard.