You Have Sinned… Against Your Appliances

Broken dishwasherHome appliances do a fantastic job in making our lives easier. Washing machines remove dirt and stains from our clothes, the fridge keeps our food fresh and drinks cold, the dishwasher cleans our dishes, and so many other appliances help us accomplish our chores more efficiently. These devices fill our homes, but we often fail to take proper care of them.

The sad thing is, through the way we operate these appliances, we also unknowingly destroy them or shorten their lifespan. In Utah, appliance repair services are readily available, but we should know how to care for our appliances. The experts at All Pro Appliance Service, Inc. share how:

Washing Machine. Check clothes for loose coins, which can damage the machine’s drum. These coins can also compromise the machine’s performance, and damages can result in a hefty repair bill. You also put a lot of stress on the machine if you regularly stuff or overload it.

Refrigerator. Your fridge works harder and consumes more energy when you allow dust to build up in the coils. Check the coils several times a year and don’t forget to clean them. Avoid overfilling the appliance as it also needs room to circulate cool air inside.

Dishwasher. Do not put in plates still with food straight into the machine. Large pieces can clog the drain or get stuck in the dishwasher.

Garbage Disposal. Never pour hot water down the disposal. Even though doing so can melt fat and grease, it can also clog the drain with those materials. The disposal should be for food scraps, and make sure not to throw in non-food items, as they can damage the motor and blades.

Gas Range and Oven. Using soap to clean spills and food stuck on the gas range can cause rust to develop. Use a sponge and warm water when cleaning. When it comes to your oven, don’t leave spills inside, as it can damage the heating coils.

Give your appliances enough loving care if you want them to keep serving you for many more years. Perform proper maintenance to avoid frequent problems and repairs.